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Tips for Appointment Scheduling;Simple, Doable, Effective Marketing Skills FREE at Convention

August 31, 2010

Volume 30, Issue 35 

Appointment Scheduling Opens Today   


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5 Things to Do Before Appointment Scheduling Opens (At Noon EST Today)
‘Simple, Doable, Effective Marketing Skills’—FREE at Convention
Five Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina
The NTA Travel Protection Plan and the Mexicana Airlines Bankruptcy
International Arrivals on the Increase for Mexico, Spain and the U.S.
Only Two Weeks Left to Participate in NTA’s Profile Form Notebook
Planetariums, Skiing and Rail Travel Are Just a Piece of September Courier
Industry News and Updates

5 Things to Do Before Appointment Scheduling Opens (At Noon EST Today)  

  1. ConventionRead this article.
  2. Register for Convention (if you’re not already registered). Register here.
  3. Bookmark this link:
    Watch for an e-mail sent right before noon EST today with the link and your personal login information
    NEW THIS YEAR: Your login will be your login.
  4. Update your online profile.
    Capture the operators’ attention! Update your online profile to be sure it is up to date and effectively promotes your destination or company.
  5. Do your research.
    Be prepared and know whom you want to meet with. Convention ’10 is all about new business.

Tips to Remember as You Make Your Requests

  • Rank your requests in order of importance.
  • Your customized schedule will be created by request priority:
    (1) perfect matches
    (2) operator requests
    (3) supplier/DMO requests
  • The more requests you make, the greater your chance to receive more appointments. Often, attendees do not submit the maximum number of requests. If you only submit 20 out of 60 requests, you only have 20 chances for an appointment to be scheduled, instead of 60.
  • View the companies that are requesting to meet with you by clicking on "My Shopping List."

This is just the beginning.
Prescheduling your appointments is just the start. There are additional opportunities to schedule appointments before you leave for Montreal and on site through NTA’s open business floor and Direct Request scheduling system. But, it all ends October 15, when all lists will be finalized and the system will be closed.

(Now you can check off No. 1 on the top of this article.) 

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‘Simple, Doable, Effective Marketing Skills’—FREE at Convention 

Grab your prospects’ attention, keep it and demand response. Bring your marketing materials to Convention and learn simple, doable, effective marketing skills from expert Larry Mersereau.  He will demonstrate ways to punch up the impact of real-world materials in his Marketing Makeover session.

But, he needs your help. Larry is asking attendees to be his Marketing Makeover guinea pigs. Send samples of your marketing materials to Larry at and get free, dynamite ideas and colleague feedback during the session.

Learn more about Larry’s company here, and listen to the podcast below with NTA Courier‘s Doug Rentz. Larry Mersereau

For a full line up of Convention education, click here.

Take advantage of all Convention ’10 has to offer. More partners. More contacts. More Business. Remember, appointment scheduling opens today.
Register here!

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Five Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina   Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was a Category 3 storm that first made landfall at Buras, Louisiana, on the morning of Aug. 29, 2005. Levees built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the 1960s broke, destroying communities in floodwaters. Katrina destroyed 90,000 square miles of the Gulf and more than 1,800 people died.

The Gulf Coast has come a long way in recovery and rebuilding efforts. While this tragedy will never be forgotten, the affected areas are largely back to pre-Katrina states, or better:

  • "Though one of the most devastating natural disasters of our time, Hurricane Katrina helped Mississippians demonstrate to the world our courage, work ethic and communal spirit of hope," said Mark Beth Wilkerson, director of tourism at the Mississippi Tourism Authority. "The Mississippi Gulf Coast continues to work to reclaim the full glory of the region. We are proud of our progress to date and gladly continue to promote the region as a wonderful travel destination."
  • "It is now five years since our community and state were ravished by the strong winds and immense storm surge of Katrina. The recovery has been monumental and our people have come together to meet the challenges," said Executive Director of the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center Bill Holmes. "To all at NTA that assisted us or even just said prayers, I can assure you it helped us and we are eternally grateful."
  • Kim Priez, vice president of tourism at the New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau said, "the visitor experience in New Orleans has never been better. There is an energy and excitement that draws people from around the world. In fact, we have more restaurants now than ever in the city’s history and our festivals are drawing record breaking attendance. I can proudly say New Orleans is back!"

In remembrance of this U.S. tragedy, President Obama visited New Orleans Sunday. Read his remarks here.

Read about the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and how the Gulf has overcome this tragedy in Time magazine, the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.  Click here to see a map of the recovery in New Orleans through the past five years.

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The NTA Travel Protection Plan and the Mexicana Airlines Bankruptcy  

Mexicana airlines suspended operations at its three airlines Saturday "until further notice," citing the financial problems inherited when the group changed owners a week ago. As such, the insolvency coverage in the NTA Travel Protection Plan has been "triggered." 

The NTA Travel Protection Plan provides coverage when a travel supplier ceases operations 11 or more days after the date on which the client purchased the plan, provided that the travel supplier had not filed for bankruptcy protection prior to plan purchase. As Mexicana Airlines had filed for bankruptcy protection on August 3, any clients who purchased the NTA Travel Protection Plan on or prior to August 2, are eligible to receive plan benefits due to the insolvency. Clients who purchased coverage on or after August 3, 2010 are not covered for the financial insolvency of Mexicana Airlines since they purchased the plan after Mexicana had already filed for bankruptcy protection.

Should you or your customers have any questions regarding Mexicana Airlines and the NTA Travel Protection Plan, please feel free to contact Berkely at 1.800.388.1470.

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International Arrivals on the Increase for Mexico, Spain and the U.S.   

Recent reports show signs of recovery for the travel industry in many markets, including Mexico, Spain and the U.S.

International visitors spent an estimated US$11.1 billion on travel to, and tourism-related activities within, the United States during the month of June-US$1.4 billion more (15 percent) than was spent in June 2009-marking the sixth consecutive month of growth in monthly U.S. travel and tourism exports. International visitor spending in the United States has increased, on average, US$732 million a month in 2010. International visitors have spent an estimated US$64.6 billion on U.S. travel and tourism-related goods and services year to date (January through June), an increase of 7 percent compared to the same period last year. To read this report and other reports from the U.S. Office of Travel and Tourism Industries, click here.

Also, if was an impressive first half of 2010 for Mexico. The number of international tourists reaching Mexico by air experienced a 35.2 percent increase in June 2010 compared with the same month last year. Over 818,000 tourists from different nationalities visited Mexico, versus the 605,435 who visited June 2009. Of those, some 573,016 travelers arrived by air from the United States, representing a 23.7 percent growth over June 2009. On the Canadian front, 41,184 tourists arrived from Canada this year, 21,322 more than in June 2009, an increase of 107.4 percent. American cruise passengers in the first four months of 2010 have increased 6 percent compared to 2009. Canadian cruise passengers are up 9 percent compared to the same time last year. Click here to read more.

Spain’s tourism continues its recovery in 2010 with 4.5 percent rise in tourist arrivals for July. According to the Spanish government, about 7 million people visited in July, which is an increase of 4.5 percent and the largest jump in travelers in over two years. Over 30 million travelers have visited Spain already this year, with tourists from Britain topping the list with 7 million arrivals, followed by those from Germany with 5 million and France with 4.7 million.

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Only Two Weeks Left to Participate in NTA’s Profile Form Notebook

Don’t miss a key opportunity to expand your reach to NTA tour operators beyond your Convention appointments. The Profile Form Notebook will put your company’s information directly in front of hundreds of NTA’s seasoned tour operators during a key buying time. But hurry, there are only two weeks left to be included!

Each tour operator that participates in the exchange will receive a binder. According to an NTA survey, 74 percent of operators use the Profile Form Notebook for year-round itinerary planning. If you are unable to attend convention this year, your message can still be included by participating in this opportunity.

Purchase a full-page tab advertisement and/or let us insert your company’s customized 8-1/2" x 11", double-sided profile form for an extremely affordable price.

To check availability and reserve your space, contact your account executive at 800.682.8886, ext. 3533 (U.S. and Canada) or +1.859.226.3533.

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Planetariums, Skiing and Rail Travel Are Just a Piece of September Courier

The range of products and services offered by NTA members covers a vast spectrum of travel experiences. The September issue of Courier offers a glimpse into this diversity, starting with the feature stories on planetariums, skiing vacations and rail travel. The destination articles run the gamut from Alaska, Yukon and the American Southwest to the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and the recent NTA Product Development trip to Calgary, Alberta. In the issue’s business section, Convention speaker Catherine Heeg offers her top strategies for using Twitter to advance your business, plus you can read about the social media educational sessions she’ll present in Montréal as well as the marketing seminars led by Larry Mersereau.

Advertisers in this issue: Angstrom GraphicsThe Berkely Group (TPP)Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research CenterMyrtle Beach Area CVBLegends Outlets Kansas City/The Legends at Sparks MarinaVisit Lubbock, the Convention & Visitors BureauMissouri History MuseumPensacola, FL Convention & Visitor Information CenterMt. Washington Railway Company

Upcoming Deadlines: 

December Issue Ad Space: Sept 29; Editorial: Sept 7; 2010 Annual Convention Coverage; Gay and Lesbian Travel; The Rockies (Alberta, British Columbia, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming); Smoky Mountains (Ashville, Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge); Latin America; Alabama; Louisiana, Mississippi.

January Issue Ad Space: October 28; Editorial: October 5th; Sightseeing Cruises; Cruise Ships; Great Lakes Loop (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Ontario and Wisconsin); British Isles and Ireland; Alaska; California; Nevada; Oregon; Washington. 

February Issue (NTA’s 60th Anniversary Issue) Ad Space: November 24; Editorial: November 1; Casinos and Gaming; Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan; Idaho; Montana; North Dakota; Wyoming; Atlantic Coast (Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia); US Territories.

Please click here to view the 2010 Editorial Calendar online.

Please click here to view the 2011 Editorial Calendar online.

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Industry News and Updates  

Here’s a look at recent research, statistics and news that may apply to you and your business:   

  • Hurricane Earl is predicted to travel up the U.S. eastern seaboard this weekend. Click here to read more or see the forecast from the National Hurricane Center.
  • British passports have been redesigned in an attempt to cut fraud. The new passports will be issued starting this October; the pages will depict well-known UK scenes and include a host of new security features. 
  • AAA predicts more Americans will travel for the Labor Day weekend this year compared with last, but they will stay closer to home as value remains important. 
  • The average U.S. hotel should see a 2.3 percent increase in income in 2010 according to Colliers PKF Hospitality Research
  • Vote now for the top three questions for the Virtual Town Hall through September 10. Candidates’ responses to the top three questions will be posted on October 4 at

The links in this article are not monitored by NTA staff. Any bad links, expired pages, etc. are due to the constantly changing nature of Web sites.

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