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Tour Operator Numbers High for Charlotte

October 2, 2003

Tour Operator Numbers High for Charlotte
The number of NTA tour operators registered to participate in the Tour & Travel Exchange this year is higher than it has been in the last three years, creating many new business opportunities for delegates.

For the first-time since the 2000 Annual Convention in Salt Lake City, NTA has more than 400 tour operators participating in the Tour & Travel Exchange. The number of tour operator members registered to participate in the Exchange is higher than it has been in the last three years – returning to attendance levels reached prior to Sept.11, 2001.

This increase in tour operator attendance means several things for Convention delegates:

  • All tour suppliers and DMOs on the waitlist for pre-scheduled appointments were successfully moved into the Exchange without sacrificing the ratio of buyers to sellers.


  • Tour operators have even more potential business partners to do business with during the Tour Operator Partnering Session. Tour operators, click here to find out how to participate in this valuable session.


  • Tour suppliers and DMOs have more business opportunities during the Exchange thanks to the new open environment – all members on the floor, all the time.

It is obvious that attendance at NTA’s Convention is an important business tool for industry professionals. The numbers speak for themselves. For more information on the 2003 Convention and all the programs planned for Charlotte, click here.

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