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Tuesday Newsletter

July 13, 2004

July 13, 2004: Volume 24; Issue 13

Articles at a Glance
Ready to Schedule
Your Convention Appointments?
Calling All Tour Operators …
Update Your Profile Online Today
2005 Officer and Board Nominees Announced, Call for Nominations From the Floor Travelers Conservation Foundation Receives National Award
NTA Leads Meeting About Proposed Capitol Hill Travel Restrictions Memorial Fund Established for Faith Griffall
Primed for Partnering? Barone is Contact at United Airlines for NTA Members
Leads from Pow Wow and Rendez-Vous Canada Now Available NTA Online Member Forums Streamlined
October Courier is the 2004 Annual Convention Issue … Don’t Miss It! Putting the "Fun" in Fundraising

Ready to Schedule Your Convention Appointments?

The time is drawing near to request your appointments for 2004 Tour & Travel Exchange.

Now it is time to get ready to do business.

The Tour & Travel Exchange is the heartbeat of NTA’s Convention – the forum where members buy and sell during pre-scheduled and impromptu seven-minute business appointments. In order to have pre-scheduled appointments during the Exchange, delegates need to identify and submit a list of companies with whom they’d like to meet.

Mark your calendar now – the Tour & Travel Exchange appointment request process will begin the first week of August and runs through Oct. 1. Delegates will have nearly two months to do research and make selections.

Once all appointment requests are received, NTA will run requests through a computerized matching process to determine who’s meeting with whom, and when. The final Tour & Travel Exchange appointment schedules will be available approximately three weeks prior to Convention, allowing delegates plenty of time to conduct in depth research and prepare presentations for Toronto.

What is the bottom line? For now, it is important to make note of these important dates:

  • Early August – Appointment request system opens on NTA Online.
  • Oct. 1 – All appointment requests must be submitted to NTA.
  • Mid to late October – Final appointment schedules available.

    Specific dates and reminders will be distributed via e-mail. Delegates can also refer to Tuesday and other pre-Convention newsletters for the latest dates and updates.

    If you haven’t registered yet for Convention, there is still time. Click here to register online, or call 800-682-8886 (U.S. and Canada) for more information. You don’t want to miss it. NTA’s Convention is the Ultimate Package.

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    Calling All Tour Operators … Update Your Profile Online Today

    The deadline for verifying and correcting your company profile online is fast-approaching. Tour operator members have until this Friday, July 16, to update their information in order to remain eligible to receive the post-Convention rebate of up to $650.

    Having the most current information is a key part of the Tour & Travel Exchange partnering process, since other companies will utilize your data as they request appointments (see related article above) for Convention.

    Go to NTA Online and make your updates. It’s quick, it’s easy and it will save your company money. If you need assistance with your profile, call 800-682-8886 (U.S. and Canada) and ask to speak to a member of the NTA Online Team.

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    2005 Officer and Board Nominees Announced, Call for Nominations From the Floor

    The NTA Nominating Committee has selected nominees for the 2005 officer and board positions.

    Nominees for the Executive Committee are:

    Vice Chairman/Chairman Elect

    • Judith Thomas, CTP, DS, Unlimited Tours & Travel, Inc.


    • Randy Julian, Julian Tours


    • Bob Hoelscher, CTP, CTC, DS, MCC, Flemming Tours, Inc.
    • Phil Otterson, CTC, Tauck World Discovery

    Three tour operator director seats (two-year terms) will be filled. The nominees are:

    • Peter Grunwaldt – Premier Alaska Tours, Inc.
    • Sherri Guiborat – Mayflower Tours
    • Carol Jordan – Territorial Tours Limited
    • Michelle Michalewicz, CTP – Western Leisure, Inc.
    • Michael Neustadt, CTP – Coach Tours

    One DMO director seat (two-year term) will be filled. The nominees are:

    • Paul Decker, CTP – Valley Forge Convention and Visitors Bureau, Ltd.
    • Ed Hall, CTP – Greater Rochester Visitors Association, Inc.
    • Wendy D. Kelman – Maryland Office of Tourism Development
    • Joan Niemeier – Tourism Kelowna

    One tour supplier director (two-year term) will be filled. The nominees are:

    • Scott Hartcorn – Shilo Inn & Suites
    • Jim Kisselburg – Cendant

    Voting for all director positions will occur prior to the Annual Convention in Toronto. Members will be allowed to vote via e-mail or mail ballots. Watch Tuesday for further announcements. Ballots will be e-mailed to members in mid-September. Voting for the officer positions will include the same e-mail or mail voting options, or members may wish to cast their vote during the Tour Operator Annual Business Meeting, which will be held at Convention.

    It is NTA’s policy, under specified guidelines, to permit individuals’ names to be placed into nomination in addition to those brought forth by the Nominating Committee. These nominations are referred to as "nominations from the floor." Anyone interested in such a nomination should contact Todd Hamilton at 800-682-8886, ext. 4205 (U.S. and Canada); 859-226-4205 for details concerning required guidelines. A nomination from the floor much be received in writing at NTA Headquarters no later than August 6.

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    Travelers Conservation Foundation Receives National Award

    Bruce Beckham (center) and Arthur Tauck Jr. (right) are shown here with Academy Award winner and fellow 2004 Restore America Hero Award recipient Diane Keaton. Beckham and Tauck received the award on behalf of the Travelers Conservation Foundation.

    The Travelers Conservation Foundation (TCF), founded by the United States Tour Operators Association, recently received the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s prestigious Restore America Hero Award at a ceremony in Washington, D.C.

    TCF has actively pursued its mission to conserve, preserve and restore the world’s natural, cultural and historic treasures. TCF’s notable recent accomplishments include its innovative Tourism – Caring for America projects at Ellis Island in 2003 and this year in New Orleans. Both of those efforts were sponsored by NTA and had volunteer support from many NTA members who were onsite to help clean up the south side of Ellis Island and restore more than 50 above-ground tombs at New Orleans’ oldest cemetery.

    The Restore America Hero Awards are given annually to individuals and organizations that demonstrate the true spirit of America by helping to save and restore the historic national treasures. In addition to TCF, this year’s recipients included Academy Award winner Diane Keaton, Eagles lead singer Don Henley, Senator Michael DeWine, Congressman John Lewis and retired Sara Lee Corporation CEO, John Bryan.

    Bruce Beckham, TCF’s executive director said, "It’s imperative that the tourism industry leads by example to ensure that future generations of travelers can enjoy what we’re so fortunate to have today. Being recognized by the National Trust certainly makes it gratifying and being in such good company makes it even more exciting."

    Information on the organization’s up-coming projects will be highlighted in future editions of Tuesday.

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    NTA Leads Meeting About Proposed Capitol Hill Travel Restrictions

    Recently NTA Legislative Counsel Jim Santini organized a group of industry professionals, including representatives from UMA, SYTA, ABA and Martz Gray Line Bus Co., who met in Washington, D.C., with Capitol Hill Police Chief Terrance Gainer and Deputy Chief James Rohan to discuss traffic management changes for motorcoaches on Capitol Hill.

    NTA had learned that security-related suggestions for managing motorcoach traffic on Capitol Hill included such measures as restricting all motorcoach access to the Capitol area and requiring visitors arriving on motorcoaches to be taken to RFK Stadium and loaded onto other types of transportation to make the journey to Capitol Hill. NTA was concerned about this sweeping indictment of all motorcoaches and the dramatic increase in wait time for visitors who would have been off-loaded at RFK and then shuttled back to Capitol Hill.

    During the meeting Santini and his colleagues were pleased with the cooperativeness of Gainer and Rohan, who said motorcoaches would not be singled out in their report to the Police Board and that they were not in favor of the RFK drop-off proposal. That report will be submitted to the Police Board later this month. NTA will continue to monitor and provide guidance in this matter.

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    Memorial Fund Established for Faith Griffall

    Faith Griffall, wife of NTA past president and Western Leisure CEO Keith Griffall, passed away June 23 after a long battle against cancer.

    "Her greatest joy in life was her family and she was a wonderful wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend," said Michele Michalewicz of Western Leisure.

    "My wife Leslie and I will always remember Faith’s glowing smile and how she was indeed one of the nicest people we have had the pleasure to know, not just among our NTA friends, but in all walks of our lives," said NTA president Hank Phillips, CTP.

    NTA members who wish to remember Faith are encouraged to help with a group donation to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. If you are interested in adding to the NTA family’s donation, please make your check out to The Komen Foundation and send it to Celeste Krolak by Friday, July 23 at:

    Every gift is tax-deductible and the giver receives acknowledgement of their donation.

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    Primed for Partnering?

    The Tour Operator Partnering Session at Convention gives tour operators a way to enhance their businesses by joining forces with other tour operators. As an added benefit, tour operators from the Ontario Motor Coach Association are invited to participate in this session, increasing your opportunities to partner.

    If you are interested in participating in the Partnering Session (no additional fee), check the appropriate box on the Convention Registration Contract, then be sure to fill out the Partnering Session Registration form and return it to NTA by Sept. 10. Each participant will be able to specify how they wish to participate in the session – as a buyer, seller or both.

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    Barone is Contact at United Airlines for NTA Members

    NTA tour operators now have a new contact at United Airlines, Pat Barone. Barone, a 27-year veteran at United, is the go-to person for NTA members who take advantage of the zone fares and special programs United currently offers NTA’s tour operator members.

    Member usage numbers have soared this year, continuing to demonstrate that the partnership is a valuable one for both parties. In the first half of 2004, NTA members spent $15.1 million through the program, as compared to spending $16 million in all of 2003.

    As things continue, Barone is a key link in expanding this valuable relationship. You can contact him at:

      Pat Barone United Airlines
      1200 East Algonquin
      Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
      Phone: 847-700-7796
      Fax: 847-700-4674

    As a reminder, when you want to check about flights you should contact the United Group desk for a fare quote at 800-426-1122 or rather than using Barone.

    If you have further questions, please call NTA Headquarters or United Airlines, or visit the Transportation Providers link under the Member Benefits section of NTA Online to learn more about the NTA/United Program.

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    Leads from Pow Wow and Rendez-Vous Canada Now Available

    Ready to make some more contacts as you seek to grow your business? Tour operators can purchase international trade show leads from Pow Wow and Rendez-Vous Canada for $25. Note, these are available to tour operators only.

    To purchase this valuable networking information, tour operators can e-mail Sarah Wilmoth or call her at 800-682-8886, ext. 4201 (U.S. and Canada); 859-226-4201. You can pay for the leads by credit card or choose to be invoiced.

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    NTA Online Member Forums Streamlined

    NTA has streamlined its online member forums to make it easier for members to start discussions, share ideas and ask questions of each other between meetings. The number of discussion folders has been cut by half to 10, so that members do not have to search through the folders to join a particular discussion or post a message.

    The topics of these folders include:

  • General: general discussions about the association or its members
  • AIM: discussion about the new Areas of Interest and Marketing program
  • Leadership: private forum for members of NTA’s Leadership Team
  • NTA Family News: announcements concerning NTA members and their families
  • Government Relations/GAN: discussions about local, state and national issues affecting NTA or its members
  • Media Relations & Suggestions: announcements about media outlets searching for information on particular travel topics
  • Lotta Laughs: jokes and funny stories
  • Specials for Tour Operators: postings about specials being offered by NTA tour supplier and DMO members to NTA tour operators
  • Job Opportunities: information on employment opportunities available from NTA member companies
  • Technology Q&A: place where members can pose technology related questions and find answers

    To log onto the forums, visit NTA Online and click on the "Member Forums" link at the top of the screen. Then, enter your user name and password. If you have forgotten your log-in information, e-mail us at

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    October Courier is the Annual Convention Issue … Don’t Miss It!

    Did you know that 88 percent of NTA Tour Operators read Courier magazine each month? And, with October being the biggest issue of the year, you won’t want to miss a chance to highlight your company in the 2004 Convention edition. Let us help you achieve the "ultimate exposure with the ultimate rewards" by reserving space in the October Courier.

    To do so, contact Taryn Lendrum via e-mail or by calling 800-682-8886, ext. 3549 (U.S. and Canada); 859-219-3549.

    Other ways to gain exposure at Convention for your organization include: sponsorships, profile form notebook inserts/tabs and advertising in the Convention Daily Newsletter.

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    Putting the "Fun" in Fundraising

    Registered for the Convention? Forgot to purchase your Issues Luncheon tickets? No problem.

    Just give the government relations staff a call and reserve your tickets to the Issues Luncheon, featuring the always-entertaining Capitol Steps, to be held Sunday, Nov. 14. Tickets are $40 dollars in advance of Convention and support NTA’s advocacy efforts. Contact Todd Hamilton at 800-682-8886, ext. 4205 (U.S. and Canada); 859-226-4205 to get your tickets today.

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