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Canadian COVID-19 Update | Wednesday, April 29

April 29, 2020

TIAC’s Advocacy Work

  • This evening, Minister Joly will appear in front of the parliamentary Industry Committee (INDU). 
  • Today, TIAC’s President and CEO joined a call with industry leaders to discuss tourism recovery measures. 
    • While addressing current gaps in support for tourism businesses remains’ TIAC’s priority, we are working with leaders from the tourism industry to ensure we put a solid plan in place towards recovery for the industry as a whole.
    • More information on an industry recovery plan will be released when the final report is available. 
  • The President and CEO also had a call with the Hotels Association of Canada and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce to discuss a coordinated approach to support the tourism sector
  • TIAC VP of Stakeholder Relations and Business Development participated in today’s Meeting Means Business Canada board call to discuss how TIAC is supporting Business Meetings and Events, DMOs and all segments of our industry.

In case you missed it … 

Government Announcements

  • During today’s press conference, the Prime Minister referenced the $9 billion dollar plan for students unveiled last week – the Canada Emergency Student Benefit. 
    • This benefit will provide for $1250 a month to students during summer. 
    • The government is also investing to create 76,000 additional jobs for students in those sectors that are actively contributing to the fight against COVID-19, in addition to jobs available through the Canada Summer Jobs Program.
    • There will be specific support outlined for First Nations, Inuit and Metis students. Scholarships, fellowships and grants will be extended – along with a doubling of student grants for low- and middle-income students in 2020-2021.
  • The government is working with opposition parties on legislation in the House of Commons, and will be introducing a bill today for the Canada Emergency Student Benefit.
  • The government will also be improving the Canada Child Benefit in May to support parents. In addition, to support people with low income, the government will be increasing the GST credit. The Prime Minister reminded Canadians that they have until August 2020 to pay their income taxes.
  • Yesterday, the latest COVID-19 modelling was shared, showing that the curve has flattened in many parts of the country due to social distancing efforts.
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