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Canadian COVID-19 Update | Thursday, April 2

April 2, 2020

TIAC’s Work

  • Building on the ongoing feedback we are receiving from members through our survey and direct communications, we are analyzing and segmenting priority topics that help us inform our relief requests and recommendations to Government, as such, we will be reaching out to members that can provide additional input on the following topics:
    • liquidity
    • wage subsidies
    • tax deferrals
    • EI
  • Today, TIAC took part on a Canadian CEO webinar organized by Destinations International; the online event provided a platform for TIAC to update participants on the advocacy work being done on behalf of Canadian tourism businesses.
  • A recording is available from yesterday’s webinar, where TIAC’s President and CEO joined Minister Joly and Ben Cowan-Dewar, Chair of the Destination Canada Board, for the second COVID-19 webinar organized by Destination Canada, see link below:
  • April 1 2020 Webinar

Government Announcements

  • Today, the Prime Minister noted that Canada’s response to COVID-19 is the largest civic mobilization that Canada has seen since World War II.
  • He also reiterated his message to Canadians to stay home, and reminded Canadians that the Emergency Measures Act can be enacted to mandate Canadians to stay home. However, the enforcement measures are being left with the provinces for the time being. 
  • Coordination between the federal government and the provinces continues to ensure they are receiving the necessary personal protection equipment. The Prime Minister will be chairing a First Ministers call this evening on this and other COVID-related subjects. 10 million masks have arrived over the last few days and are being distributed across the country.
  • While the government is not sharing any modeling or projections with the public at this time, concerns have been raised that some Canadians may not qualify for the CERB and this issue may worsen the longer physical distancing measures remain in place. The government is reviewing additional options for those who need support but do not qualify for EI or the CERB. 
  • Canada also surpassed 10,000 cases of COVID for the first time today, with over 125 deaths.
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