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Questions about Travel Insurance in the Current Market?

March 30, 2009

Given recent market events and press relating to insurance companies as well as travel insurance plans that have been shut down, the following may serve to highlight some important points to reassure you of the stability of the Berkely-administered, NTA-endorsed travel insurance program.  

A division of Aon (NYSE: AOC), Berkely delivers 30 years’ experience in the design and management of customized travel protection programs for the industry’s leading travel suppliers. As an NTA Corporate Partner, Berkely administers a customized Travel Protection Plan exclusively for U.S.-based NTA members. 

Because you partner with Berkely for your travel insurance program, this important revenue source is never at risk.

Berkely is the only US-travel insurance administrator of size that is completely independent of insurance company ownership.  There is no common ownership between Berkely (nor its parent Aon Corporation) and any other insurance company.   We have historically offered, and will continue to offer, a choice of several insurance companies that can underwrite our partners’ programs.   

In contrast, all of the competing administrators owned by insurance companies are limited to offering just their insurer/owner as the underwriter for their clients’ travel insurance programs.  If a change to insurers were ever needed or desired, these administrators are unable to deliver.  Further, they are subject to the financial fortunes of their parent insurance company, leaving their clients exposed to a risk of losing both the insurer and administrator for their program simultaneously.  Your NTA-endorsed program has none of these risks because you have chosen to partner with Berkely.    

As a division of Aon Corporation, Berkely has the strength and stability of its global Fortune 250 parent company. 

We invite you to visit to better familiarize yourself with our parent company. Aon is a global leader in risk management and the world’s largest insurance broker.   When negotiating with insurers on your behalf, Berkely is able to leverage not only its own considerable travel insurance portfolio but the billions of dollars of premium that Aon places with insurers worldwide.  

For more information or to enroll in the NTA Travel Protection Plan, contact your dedicated NTA Account Representative, Geni Priolo, at 1.800.383.9617 or


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