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Orbitz Survey Shows Preferences, Challenges in Group Travel

February 8, 2008

Orbitz Survey Shows Preferences, Challenges in Group Travel
Feb. 8, 2008 –Orbitz as released the latest results of its quarterly Traveler Update Report. Key findings of its most recent survey show that family travel is the most popular type of group trip, with traveling with friends as the second most popular option.

According to the survey, the top companions for group travel are:

  • Extended family – 50%
  • Friends – 29%
  • Social group – 11%
  • Guys/girls only getaways – 6%
  • Groups where you meet new people – 4%

The Traveler Update Report found that cultural-themed vacations are the most popular vacation type with women preferring these activities more than men (45 percent versus 28 percent, respectively). Trips that center on a sporting activity also were popular, with more men than women preferring sports-related trips (27 percent versus 10 percent, respectively).

The most popular group travel vacations, according to the Traveler Update Report are:

  • Cultural-themed – 36%
  • Sports activity-related – 19%
  • Family Reunions – 19%
  • Cruise – 16%
  • Travel to a sporting event, destination wedding and bachelor/bachelorette parties comprise the remaining – 10%

The report also looked at the challenges of group travel. When asked about the challenges of planning a group vacation, the Orbitz survey found that the two biggest concerns were keeping everyone happy and the challenge of organizing and scheduling activities and itineraries.

Other challenges in coordinating a group trip include:

  • Deciding where to go – 14%
  • Deciding what to do – 9%
  • Gathering deposits and confirmations – 8%

For more information on the survey results click here.

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