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Who’s Sponsoring at Convention ’11?

September 14, 2011

Q: What do Best Western International, Norwegian Cruise Line and Sandy Springs Hospitality & Tourism Have in Common? 

A: Sponsorship at NTA’s Convention.

They, along with these companies, see the huge value in sponsoring Convention ’11. Sponsoring at any investment level qualifies you for great benefits, sponsor promotions and a heightened presence among the crowd that will be in Las Vegas! Awesome sponsorships are available, including event co-sponsorships, tangible items that will be given directly to the buyers, and refreshments!

Sponsor promotions are now in full swing, so contact Melisa-Beth Rooke today by e-mail or phone (+1.859.264.6561) to talk Convention sponsorships and have your name added to the list! Additional details can be found here.

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