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WHO Not Reinstating Toronto SARS Travel Advisory

June 4, 2003

WHO Not Reinstating Toronto SARS Travel Advisory
The World Health Organization has chosen not to reinstate a recommendation that travelers avoid Toronto, despite its most recent rash of SARS cases, according to Reuters.

"The WHO decided today… not to impose an additional travel advisory on the city of Toronto because, in fact, they believe that the procedures in place, the methods of public health being followed by local officials in Toronto, are controlling and containing this latest outbreak," said Canadian Health Minister Anne McLellan on Tuesday.

Ontario health officials expressed relief at the WHO’s decision not to reinstate its travel advisory but said they also expected more SARS cases in the near term.

"We believe that we have put the correct measures in place although we continue to see some cases and we expect we’ll (see) some more cases in the next few days," said Dr. James Young, Ontario’s commissioner of public security. "We’re not seeing surprises at this point in time, and that’s very positive."

NTA announced last week that it would hold its September Board of Directors meeting in Toronto in support of the city’s efforts to recover from its recent struggles and re-emerge as one of the world’s top tourism destinations.

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