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VisitBritain Releases Statement

July 7, 2005

VisitBritain Releases Statement
July 7, 2005 – NTA has made contact with VisitBritain and received the following statement concerning today’s incident in London:


    The police have not indicated who has caused these explosions so VisitBritain will therefore not speculate at this stage what impact, if any, there could be on the visitor economy.


    Our main concern is for the people who have been affected by this incident and we will monitor the situation and update our overseas offices as required.


    At this stage there is no reason for people to cancel their trip to Britain or London. However, they should be aware that there is major transport disruption in Central London.


    More information can be found at or

NTA Headquarters has heard from NTA member EF Explore America Inc who currently has a student group in the London area. They report that the group is safe and have heard that other student tours in the area are safe as well.

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