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VisitBritain Encourages Travelers to Carry on as Planned

July 2, 2007

VisitBritain Encourages Travelers to Carry on as Planned
July 2, 2007 – NTA contacted its VisitBritain member office in New York to offer assistance following this past weekend’s incidents when three alleged terrorist attacks were thwarted. VisitBritain is encouraging visitors to Britain to carry on with their trips as planned, saying it is very much business as usual with theatres, attractions and museums open and public transport operating normally.

Tour operators with questions may contact VisitBritain’s contact center in New York at 800.462.2748 or by e-mail at .

According to a statement released by VisitBritain, residents and tourists are going about their business and enjoying the British summer. Events such as London’s Gay Pride and the Diana tribute concert took place as planned over the weekend, the annual Wimbledon tournament is underway, while HM The Queen opened the Scottish Parliament on Saturday.

There is a higher police presence at British airports and stations at the moment, which should be reassuring. For travelers returning home from Britain, VisitBritain suggests allowing extra time for the journey and strongly recommend the use of public transport to get to the airport. Check with the airline or on airport Web site for the latest information about flights.

In the United States, security at U.S. airports and other transit points will be elevated this week because of the U.S. 4th of July holiday. However, there was no specific threat associated with the plot in Britain, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said. More U.S. air marshals would be added on flights to Britain, he said.

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