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Updates from Gulf Coast Members Following Hurricane Gustav

September 4, 2008

Updates from Gulf Coast Members Following Hurricane Gustav
Sept. 4, 2008 – As the U.S. Gulf Coast continues the recovery process following Hurricane Gustav, NTA has received updates from DMOs and tour suppliers in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Here are some firsthand perspectives from members in the affected areas:

Lafayette, Louisiana – Gerald Breaux, executive director, Lafayette CVC said in an e-mail, "NTA members in our area want all NTA members to know that Lafayette is up and running 100 percent, all our hotels are open and ready for business and that all tours scheduled for our area should continue."

New Orleans – The New Orleans Metro CVB Web site is updated three times a day, and the posting from Thursday morning said, in part: "The city of New Orleans and the metropolitan area continues to move forward wonderfully in its post-Gustav recovery. Residents from across the metropolitan area, including surrounding parishes, have begun to return to homes and businesses. The offices of the CVB will not re-open until Monday, Sept. 8 … but most CVB employees are working remotely to ensure the continuation of services to our clients and friends. … The greatest concern is to ensure that conditions with regard to electricity, sewerage and water throughout the neighborhoods are restored and that businesses that service our residents, such as grocery stores and gas stations are back operating."

"The downtown, business district, French Quarter, Warehouse and Arts District, Convention Center, Harrahs and the Superdome look terrific. There is little to no disruption in meetings and conventions scheduled over the next two weeks nor to special events. The Convention Center, Superdome and major hotels suffered only minor damage such as a few window breaks and all repairs are expected to be accomplished in the next few hours to few days. There is no mid-range or long-term impact of any kind." Information on the status of specific attractions and areas of the city is included in the latest recap.

Deb Henrickle at NTA tour supplier member Holiday Inn French Quarter said her property does not have any damage and is open for business.

Mississippi Gulf Coast – A press release from the Mississippi Gulf Coast CVB sent today said in part: "The Mississippi Gulf Coast is open for business following a glancing blow from Hurricane Gustav. … Ten of the 11 casino resorts on the Mississippi Gulf Coast reopened for business Wednesday, Sept. 3, and hotels and restaurants are either open or will continue to open through the end of the week. All major roadways and bridges are open to our knowledge. Major damage was sustained by public marinas and piers and clean up along Highway 90 continues. No major damage to area businesses is being reported."

Mobile, Alabama – Ron McConnell, director of tourism sales & services for the Mobile Bay CVB said in an e-mail, "Mobile did well during Hurricane Gustav. There was minor flooding but no structural damage to the city. Thank you for your concern and just let our NTA family know that all is okay."

Karen Conner, director of sales and marketing said that the USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park was "spared Gustav’s wrath! No damage to report and we remain open for business."

NTA also has heard from other members from the Gulf Coast area, who echoed McConnell and Conner’s comments of "no significant impact" and "business as usual."

For more information on the status of things in each of the four states, click on the links to member Web sites:

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  • Louisiana
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    Also, if you need city-specific information, please visit member DMO Web sites. Those addresses are available by using the member searches at or by looking in the NTA Membership Directory.

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