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Update: Strike Causing Air Traffic Delays, Cancellations in Spain

September 30, 2010


Update (Sept. 30, 2010):

The general strike set for Sept. 29 in Spain was a 24-hour event, and therefore has ended. There are no news reports of ongoing travel delays or impacts. Below is the original Headlines post from the day of the strike.


A general strike in Spain is impacting air travel to and from the country. The 24-hour strike, the first general strike in eight years, began today and is causing numerous flight cancellations from a variety of air carriers. The Web site for the Tourist Office of Spain offers information on the percentage of flights affected for various markets. For example, 20 percent of air traffic will be maintained for outbound travel. It is recommended that tour operators check with airlines to verify upcoming flights.

If you offer Berkely’s Travel Protection Plan and would like information on how these events are covered, please contact Geni Priolo. NTA will keep you posted on further updates; please pose any questions to NTA Headquarters.

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