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United States Employment Numbers Climb

April 2, 2004

United States Employment Numbers Climb
April 2, 2004 – In recent months, it has become more and more obvious that the travel industry is recovering strongly. NTA’s most recent research shows that 84 percent of NTA tour operators anticipate greater than or equal sales volume over the same time period in 2003. In relation to this positive economic news, MSNBC is reporting today that U.S. employment surged last month at the fastest pace in nearly four years.

The economy rebounded strongly after the 2001 recession and terrorist attacks. However, there was little hiring or job creation. According to the Labor Department, that appears to be changing. Businesses have added to their payrolls for seven straight months.

The reports show job gains were widespread across industries. Upward revisions to January and February payrolls helped contribute to the positive tone of the report, which could fuel expectations that the Federal Reserve may be closer to raising overnight interest rates from their current 1958 low of 1 percent than had been thought.

One thing if for sure, overall economic indicators show that Americans are growing increasingly optimistic.

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