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U.S. Updates Travel Alert for East Africa

January 6, 2003

U.S. Updates Travel Alert for East Africa
The U.S. Department of State is once again alerting Americans about travel to East Africa, adding kidnapping to the potential terrorist threats.

In a Saturday announcement, the agency cautioned Americans to "remain vigilant with regard to their personal security and exercise caution. U.S. citizens and interests abroad remain at risk of terrorist attacks by groups, including, but not limited to, those with links to al Quaeda organizations."

The State Department said "increased security at official U.S. facilities has led terrorists to seek softer targets such as residential areas, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, hotels, schools, outdoor recreation events, resorts, beaches and planes. However, Americans in remote areas or border regions where military or police authority is limited or non-existent could also be targets of attacks or kidnappings."

For more, go to State Department.

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