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TSA to Announces Changes in Security Procedures

December 1, 2005

TSA to Announces Changes in Security Procedures
December 1, 2005 – The U.S. Transportation Security Administration will announce Friday that it will ease restrictions on sharp objects aboard airlines, a Department of Homeland Security official said.

The change in rules, expected to go into effect Dec. 20, will allow for some scissors less than 4 inches long and some tools less than 7 inches long.

The changes are being made to put the focus on explosives, considered the "risk of greatest consequence," according to the source. These can be detected by "puffer machines," which have been deployed to some airports. The TSA said it has learned a great deal about how to detect, deter and defend against potential terrorist attacks. It is taking a holistic look at all of its security measures to ensure it is focusing its resources where the risk is greatest and creating complexity to disrupt terrorist threats.

Currently, items such as sharp nail scissors and screwdrivers are not allowed on planes. The source attributes the rule change to a "good amount" of screener time devoted to the search for these items.

The Air Transport Association said the change will help shorten security lines. But flight attendants responded angrily, saying unruly passengers could cause serious harm with scissors and tools.

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