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TSA Reminds Flyers Not to Wrap Presents

December 19, 2006

TSA Reminds Flyers Not to Wrap Presents
Dec. 19, 2006 –The Transportation Security Administration reminds travelers to keep all gifts unwrapped until they arrive at their destination this holiday season.

Travelers must be mindful of the new 3-1-1 program.

  • Liquids, aerosols and gels must be in containers three ounces or less,
  • Items must be put in a one quart, clear plastic zip-top bag, and
  • Only one zip-top bag per passenger.

    These rules apply to items besides toothpaste and shampoo. Food items such as jams, salsas, sauces, syrups and dips will not be allowed through the checkpoint unless they are in containers three ounces or less and in the passenger’s one quart zip-top bag. This applies to gift items including lotions, creams, scented oil, liquid soaps, perfumes, and even snow globes that are in excess of three ounces — even if they are in sealed gift packs. TSA suggest you ship these items prior to your trip or put them in your checked baggage.

    Any of these items will be allowed on the plane if they are purchased after the security checkpoint. TSA allows liquid items purchased after the checkpoint onto planes because these items have been previously screened.

    Click here to see the list of prohibited items.

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