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TSA Releases Plan to Reduce Airport Security Delays

May 14, 2004

TSA Releases Plan to Reduce Airport Security Delays
May 14, 2004 – In efforts to minimize delays for travelers, the Transportation Security Administration announced on Thursday that federal officials will closely monitor 25 of the busiest airports this summer. Additional help will be called for if security delays arise, reports USATODAY.

According to the Air Transport Association, this summer is expected to be the busiest for air travel since the Sept. 11 attacks. United States air carriers expect 65 million passengers each of the summer months, a 12 percent increase from last year.

TSA has been criticized in recent months for not positioning enough screeners at some busy airports, causing long lines for many travelers.

TSA deputy director Stephen McHale told the House aviation subcommittee that the agency’s plan to address the expected surge in passengers could get people through the screening checkpoints 20 percent faster.

At 10 problem airports identified by the Air Transport Association, the average wait at security lines is 45 minutes or more during peak travel times.

TSA also plans to launch an ad campaign offering tips for passengers to move more quickly through security checks. They will also set up "divestiture coaches" to remind travelers at airports what they need to do at the security checkpoints.

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