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“.travel” Pre-Authentication Deadline Extended

August 17, 2005

".travel" Pre-Authentication Deadline Extended
August 17, 2005 – Pre-authentication for the ".travel" domain has been extended to Sept 22. Your NTA membership allows you first chance to acquire ".travel" names, since companies must be in associations of The Travel Partnership Corporation (TTPC), of which NTA is a member. Remember, only businesses and organizations that are part of the travel and tourism industry are entitled to a .travel name. A .travel name will identify you as a verified participant in the travel industry.

Because ".travel" is available only to authentic or legitimate travel organizations, the process for securing your ".travel" domain is different that buying a ".com" or ".net" domain name. Before you may purchase your ".travel" domain name, you must be authenticated by a participating travel association, such as NTA.

Starting Oct. 1, registration will begin only for those members who pre-authenticate by September 22. Those who pre-authenticate in in October will be able to register in November.

Click here for more information about pre-authentication and ".travel."

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