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Transportation Services Index Reaches All-Time High

April 6, 2004

Transportation Services Index Reaches All-Time High
April 6, 2004 – The Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported today that the Transportation Services Index (TSI) reached an all-time high with a 0.8 rise in January.

The increase was the fifth consecutive monthly increase since a decrease in the July to August period last year. The January level of 121.4 was 4.9 percent higher than January 2003.

The TSI is a measure of the month-to-month changes in the output of services provided by the for-hire transportation industries, which include railroad, air, truck, and inland waterways transportation, pipeline transportation, and local transit.

The index covers data over the past 14 years, allowing analysis of trends, peaks, and low-points. Although the TSI is still under development, it can aid in examining economic indicators in order to form a better understanding of the current and future course of the economy. When compared with other economic factors, it also serves in understanding the relationship of changes in transportation output to changes in Gross Domestic Product.

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