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Tourism Cares IS Making a Difference

February 3, 2009

Last April, more than 300 industry volunteers gathered together in Louis Armstrong Park for the Tourism Cares for New Orleans event. Volunteers spruced up fences, cleaned up the grounds, cleared the walkways and painted the lamp posts. What the Tourism Cares volunteers did there kicked off the on-going restoration of Louis Armstrong Park. The city of New Orleans and the federal government have taken advantage of the start the event gave them and now continue the work in Louis Armstrong Park.

At this very moment, the electricity in the park has been restored, the magnificent Armstrong arch at the entrance and lamp posts that hadn’t been lit since Hurricane Katrina have been completely restored and now light up the night. The lagoons have been drained, cleaned and refilled and the walkways volunteers worked on have been repaved. And it’s all been done because the tourism industry saw the need, took the lead and made it happen.

This year Tourism Cares will bring volunteers to Gettysburg to restore historic George Spangler Farm on the Gettysburg battlefield to make a difference once again. Registration is now open, and you can click here to sign up.

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