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Tour Operators Take Worry, Anxiety out of Travel

March 5, 2003

Tour Operators Take Worry, Anxiety out of Travel
In this changing travel climate, tour operators can be a source of control and comfort. By taking control over the process of planning travel, tour operators take the worry and anxiety out of travel and allow people to focus on enjoying the travel experience. According to a recent study*, the core needs of travelers are control, service and joy, and travel planners may actually be in the best position to meet these core customer needs because their roles extend across the entire travel experience.

As an NTA member tour operator, you have leverage over other tour operators to help you take the worry and anxiety out of travel. Here is a look at some of the points you can use in communications with your clients concerning your NTA membership:

  • Customers will be traveling with a professional every step of the way. NTA tour operators handle all of the details so travelers can enjoy the travel experience. In the event something happens during a tour, the operator is there to take care of any alternative arrangements.
  • NTA tour operators are networked in the travel industry. Clients will feel better knowing they are traveling with a company that has been involved in the travel business for a number of years and has thousands of contacts throughout the industry.
  • NTA tour operators are experts on the travel industry and keep up-to-date on the latest travel industry news, such as:
  • Travel safety measures
  • Emerging travel trends
  • New products
  • Alternative and unique destinations
  • NTA tour operator members have close working relationships with leading transportation companies and many other partners to alleviate the stresses of travel.

Remember – NTA tour operators set the standard for quality in the packaged travel industry and your clients should be aware of that fact.

In light of current world events, NTA wants to ensure members are aware of important travel news and issues affecting their businesses. NTA encourages you to communicate with each other via the member forums on NTA Online. One of the most important things to remember during a time of uncertainty is to keep communicating. When people feel connected and informed they are less likely to let fear become the deciding factor in their travel decisions.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if we can be of further assistance. You can reach NTA Headquarters at 800.682.8886 (U.S. & Canada) or 859.226.4444, or via e-mail at

* Travel Today, Carton Donofrio Partners Inc., 2002.

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