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Toronto Gets a Boost From Federal Government

June 16, 2003

Toronto Gets a Boost From Federal Government
In an effort to help Toronto recover from the recent affects of SARS on tourism, the Canadian federal government has offered to provide C$17.5 million in financial aid to assist the hospitality industry.

According to CanadaOne Magazine and Travel Advance, the donation will be divided amongst two groups. Toront03 Alliance, a non-profit group made up of members of the city’s tourism and hospitality communities, will receive $10 million to develop and promote tourist events in the Toronto region as well as attract international visitors. The remaining $7.5 million will be given to the Canadian Tourism Commission to encourage Canadians to spend their vacation money at home this year.

This financial contribution is the latest in addition to a previously issued $20 million given as part of the federal government’s Canada’s Tourism Recovery Strategy. According to KPMG, the Toronto tourism industry has lost nearly $190 million thus far due to the SARS outbreak.

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