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These travel trend articles were the most clicked in 2010.

January 6, 2011

The Trend’s Top 13 Stories of 2010  

NTA members received The Trend for free in 2010. Here are the top 13 stories, based on your click-throughs-they’re worth revisiting.

  1. American Travel Trends (Sept. 2010)
  2. Mail vs. E-mail-What’s More Effective (Oct. 2010)
  3. Americans Will Spend More for Excellent Service (July 2010)
  4. Key Trends in the LGBT Traveler (Oct. 2010)
  5. Americans Least Adventurous Vacation Travelers (Nov. 2010)
  6. Adventure Travel on the Rise (Aug. 2010)
  7. 65-Plus Population Growing Rapidly in the U.S. (June 2010)
  8. Leisure Travel Market Trends for 2011 and Beyond (Oct. 2010)
  9. Top Cities for Inbound Travel in 2009 (May 2010)
  10. Where Travelers Go for Advice (July 2010)
  11. U.S. Traveler Trends for 2010 (May 2010)
  12. Who Will Drive the Economic Recovery? (April 2010)
  13. Social Media Spans All Ages (May 2010)

Want more travel trends? Here are a few stories forecasting 2011 trends we thought you’d like:

What 2010 travel trends did you notice? Do you have any 2011 forecasts? Let us know!

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