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Submit Your Travel Questions for Next Week’s Presidential Debates

January 24, 2008

Submit Your Travel Questions for Next Week’s Presidential Debates
Jan. 24, 2008 –Political news outlet, The Politico, is giving you the chance to submit questions to the presidential candidates for the republican debate on Jan. 30 and the democratic debate on Jan. 31. To submit questions, go to

Here are some sample questions you can submit that get to the heart of many of the travel industry’s issues:

  • Given that the United States has seen a 17 percent decline in overseas travel since 2000-resulting in a loss of $100 billion in visitor spending, almost 200,000 jobs and $16 billion in taxes-and is predicted to fall to the #4 travel destination in the world behind France, Spain and China in 2007, what steps will you take to improve travel to the United States in your administration?


  • Since the image of the United States has dropped precipitously in recent years, how would you support efforts to increase international travel to the United States as part of an overall effort to enhance our standing in the world?


  • This past year there have been innumerable challenges related to the travel process in the U.S. Because the travel experience positively impacts every state, community and corner of this nation, what policies would you implement to significantly reduce the hassle factor and work to facilitate safe and efficient travel by all modes?

For information on other ways you can help make tourism and travel top of mind for the candidates, visit the government relations home page at NTA Online.

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