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Share Your Positive Stories

February 26, 2009

Despite all of the doom and gloom portrayed in the media about the economic crisis and its effect on various markets and industries, we know that there is still positive news to report. Dr. Peter Tarlow of Tourism & More, told delegates at the 2008 NTA Annual Convention that travel companies must remain positive and think creatively during difficult economic times. Tarlow advised travel professionals to remember that in every crisis there is opportunity. Those who see through the tough times are the ones who are going to succeed. Speaking to Tarlow’s advise, today’s economic challenges should be seen as a time for travel companies be innovative, find new partners and consider diversifying their product line.

So, tell us your good stories. We want to hear from those of you that have seen through the tough times. Successes you’ve encountered might spark an idea for your NTA peers, or at the very least, lift their spirits. Please share your positive experiences by posting them on the Member Forums or e-mailing NTA Public Relations Manager Sara Spencer.

In addition, NTA frequently gets calls from the national media wanting to know how the travel industry is faring. Please let Sara know if you are willing to allow NTA to use your story as an example when speaking with reporters.

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