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See how last week’s victory added to a string of good GR news this year (and how you can help!).

July 13, 2011

Last week’s news that U.S. states and Canadian provinces voted down a registration plan for charter buses was a government relations victory, said Steve Richer, NTA public affairs advocate.

"NTA and the United Motorcoach Association worked together to defeat the proposal," Richer said. "We contacted government and transportation leaders to explain that if motorcoaches were required to pre-register before entering a state or province, many of those destinations would lose out on tourism revenue." With the plan’s defeat, operating companies will now be spared both the cost and paperwork to register their charter equipment.

The victory was the latest in a string of good news enjoyed by NTA’s government relations efforts this year:

  • Long a goal of NTA, the U. S. Senate Travel & Tourism Caucus became a reality in June, established under the leadership of four senators with a proven tourism track record.
  • Also in June, NTA and other travel associations worked successfully with Mexican tourism leaders on several topics that include expanding NTA connections with Mexican travel professionals and fine-tuning travel warnings.
  • In May, the Grassroots Congressional Summit for Travel convened in Washington, D.C.; attendees held some 50 appointments on Capitol Hill with members of Congress or their staff.
  • In March, Cathy Greteman and Lisa Simon (NTA 2011 chair and president, respectively) strengthened industry ties and raised the visibility of NTA in a series of meetings in Washington, D.C., and New York City.
  • In January, President Obama’s executive order, long requested by NTA, opened the door for travel to Cuba that includes religious, academic, cultural and "people-to-people" activities.

To fuel the ongoing efforts of our Government Relations team, NTA members will be running (or walking … or sleeping in) at 5K Fun(d) Run/Walk/Sleep events at Contact and Convention. See the Tuesday story here.

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