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Restrictions Alter Motorcoach Loading/Unloading Spots at U.S. Capitol

July 12, 2007

Restrictions Alter Motorcoach Loading/Unloading Spots at U.S. Capitol
July 12, 2007 –Tour buses coming to Washington D.C.’s Capitol complex are no longer able to drop off visitors as close as they have in the past. Security restrictions around Capitol Hill have forced the rerouting of tour buses away from the Capitol, although the U.S. Capitol Police say the new measures are precautionary and are not based on any known threats.

The restrictions affect where tour buses can load and unload passengers, but do not affect Metro buses or sightseeing trolleys. A detailed list of streets that tour buses can enter and exit the Capitol grounds, along with loading and unloading information, was included in a press release from the U.S. Capitol Police. Additionally, a map of the current bus routes providing specific routing information for motorcoach operators is available.

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C., says a fleet of golf carts will be brought in to shuttle tourists from their motorcoaches to the Capitol. "There are golf carts for people with children, and for people who don’t want to climb the hill or who are too elderly or disabled to do so," said Norton.

NTA realizes that tour operators will likely have questions regarding golf cart pickup/drop off and is seeking more specific details. Also, you may contact the Capitol Police Public Information Office at 202.224.1677.

NTA Legislative Counsel Jim Santini was part of a team of industry leaders that met with Capitol Police regarding the regulations, which went into effect June 9. In the June 22 meeting, police officials and industry reps agreed to participate on a multi-jurisdictional task force to examine other options, beside what was recently implemented, to improve access without compromising security.

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