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Oil Spotted on Alabama, Mississippi Shores

June 2, 2010

Click here to see the oil as it is tracked through the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil has reached the Louisiana shore and is now impacting more than 45 miles of the coast. is the state’s online resource for information about  response to the oil spill.

MIssissippi beaches are still open for business. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency is the best source for information regarding this or any other emergency situation.

To date, no oil has reached the beaches of the Alabama Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. According to projections, there is a possibility of oil near shore or onshore on the Fort Morgan peninsula, the westernmost end of the island, Wednesday afternoon. This is a forecast and, like the weather, it could change.

The Florida Division of Emergency Management has official updates to the status of Florida’s coastline. According to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration oil plume model, the oil spill is 55 miles away from Pensacola, 105 miles south of St. George Island and 125 miles from St. Petersburg. No direct impacts are expected across the state within the next 72 hours.

 Read the latest media coverage on the Gulf Coast Oil Spill from CNN.

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