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NTA Will Make Pre-Authentication for .travel Available Soon

April 13, 2005

NTA Will Make Pre-Authentication for .travel Available Soon
April 13, 2005 – ".travel" is finally a reality. The Internet Corporation for Names and Numbers officially approved the ".travel" sponsored, top-level domain name at its board meeting in Argentina on April 8. This approval means that ".travel" domain names will soon be available to NTA members.

NTA hopes to make pre-authentication available to its members in May or June 2005. Only legitimate buyers and sellers of travel or travel products can purchase ".travel" domain names so the process for securing your ".travel" domain is different that buying a ".com" or ".net" domain name. Before you may purchase your ".travel" domain name, you must be authenticated by a participating travel association, such as NTA.

NTA members will be sent ".travel" data authentication forms soon. Those who wish to purchase a ".travel" domain name will be asked to complete the authentication forms and submit them to NTA. NTA will then authenticate the registrant as a member and submit the authentication to Tralliance, who will assign each registrant a unique identifying number and reserve their name selection.

Additionally, A ".travel" directory will be created to help Internet users locate travel and tourism information on the Internet, aiding buyers and sellers of travel.

To read more on the steps for registering a ".travel" domain name, click here.

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