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NTA Welcomes Delta Aboard as Official Airline

January 15, 2013


Delta Air Lines Inc. and NTA are now traveling together as business partners, leaders of both organizations announced.

"Delta Air Lines Inc. is pleased to be the official airline of NTA," said Norma Dean, director of specialty sales for Delta. "By partnering with this great organization, Delta has the opportunity to reach thousands of NTA members as we are recognized on NTA websites, in printed materials and in member communications."

The airline will play a prominent role next week at Travel Exchange, NTA’s convention and expo held in conjunction with the United Motorcoach Association in Orlando, Fla. In addition to offering discounted airfare for attendees at Travel Exchange, Delta is hosting the Delta Sky Lounge and offering Delta’s signature peanuts, cookies and pretzels. Delta also will sponsor many of NTA’s seminars, the business appointment sessions, and NTA’s mobile app for Travel Exchange.

"Air travel is an integral component of most tours, and Delta’s interest in growing that segment of their business shows that they recognize the importance of NTA tour operators as part of their marketing mix," said Lisa Simon, NTA president. "This partnership is a significant benefit to NTA tour operators, as it will help Delta better understand their needs. We expect both parties will benefit from expanded business opportunities."

The partnership extends far beyond Orlando and Travel Exchange, according to Dean. "As a large global airline, we’re looking to NTA for added exposure through the association’s Contact event in Hawai‘i, at the China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market, during Chinese road shows and in NTA’s Chinese publications," she said. "NTA members have chosen this organization as an avenue for expanding their businesses, and we trust our partnership will bring added value and allow Delta to ‘Keep Climbing’ in our business."

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