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NTA Organizing Industry-Wide Grassroots Network

March 18, 2008

NTA Organizing Industry-Wide Grassroots Network
March 18, 2008 – NTA is organizing the travel industry’s most comprehensive grassroots network as part of its ongoing efforts this presidential season. Expanding on the association’s existing Grassroots Action Network, NTA is organizing a permanent team of travel and tourism professionals at the state and Congressional District levels, which will help elect a president committed to addressing travel and tourism issues. The complete network will include 55 state chairs and co-chairs and 435 Congressional District coordinators, as well as an appointment for the District of Columbia.


"NTA’s Grassroots Action Network has always served as the eyes and ears of NTA on regional issues," said NTA Chairman and CEO Bob Hoelscher, CTP. "We are now calling on them and other travel industry professionals to join together at this critical time in America. This group will be a permanent network and will not only be a source for elected officials and their staffs on travel and tourism issues, they also will be a thunderous voice to the presidential candidates letting them know Americans demand federal attention to travel and tourism."


Outreach to the presidential candidates tops NTA’s advocacy priorities for the year. The association is calling for the creation of an executive office of travel and tourism in the White House. This position is critical to addressing the negative image of the United States abroad, the struggling U.S. economy, and the dwindling number of inbound visitors to the U.S. Additionally, NTA is urging Congress and the presidential candidates to support the Travel Promotion Act of 2007.


"NTA has the strength of more than five decades of legislative action, the collaboration of our industry partners and the passion of our member network to make a significant impact on public policy," said NTA Public Affairs Advocate Steve Richer, CTP.


The association launched the Grassroots Action Network in 1998. Over the years, the group has tackled issues such as seller of travel laws and unfair travel taxes. Such legislative successes provide a strong foundation for this revitalized group.


"NTA has already been working closely with industry colleagues and Discover America to support the passage of the Travel Promotion Act," said NTA Government Relations Committee Chair Ed Dresel. "This network will create the heightened visibility we need to be heard in Washington, D.C., and to elect a president that recognizes Americans fundamental freedom to travel."


Travel professionals interested in learning more about ways to get involved should contact NTA Director of Government and Industry Relations Matt Grayson at


The National Tour Association was established in 1951 as a unified voice to fight legislation in the newly formed packaged travel industry. Today, NTA’s government relations activities include monitoring security issues, as well as state and federal legislation and regulatory issues affecting the travel and tourism industry. NTA maintains full-time representation in Washington, D.C., to serve as the association’s voice on Capitol Hill. Additionally, NTA empowers its members to be advocates for the association on the local level, as well as to provide support for NTA’s positions on national priority issues through its Grassroots Action Network. For more information on NTA’s government relations activities, please visit


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