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NTA Monitors Katrina as Hurricane Heads Inland

August 29, 2005

NTA Monitors Katrina as Hurricane Heads Inland
Aug 29, 2005 – Hurricane Katrina weakened slightly overnight with lowered top windspeeds of 140 mph. However, Katrina is still a large and dangerous hurricane with hurricane-force winds extending 105 miles from the center and tropical storm-force winds extending up to 230 miles from the center. Katrina is moving northward and is expected to make landfall in Louisiana this morning. It also is likely to reach the Mississippi coast early this afternoon.

The Gulf region is home to many NTA members, and our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families as this catastrophic storm nears the U.S. coastline.

NTA is dedicated to monitoring the storm and its effects upon our members and our industry. We would like to receive any information available from members in the affected areas and those who are offering services to those evacuating the coast.

We ask for your assistance so that we may accurately convey the current state of travel to members in the Gulf Coast region, the media and the traveling public. Please send any information, comments or observations to NTA’s communications specialist Pat Henderson via e-mail at or by calling 800.682.8886, ext. 4425 (U.S and Canada) or 859.226.4425.

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