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NTA Members Participate in Amber Alert Program

May 25, 2005

NTA Members Participate in Amber Alert Program
May 25, 2005 – Today is National Missing Children’s Day, a day observed in the United States as a reminder to make child protection a national priority.

Since 1983, this day has marked the disappearance of 6-year-old Etan Patz in New York City while on his way to school in 1979. National Missing Children’s Day is a reminder of the responsibility we all have in the safe return of a child.

Travel professionals such as you can help save children’s lives. At last year’s Annual Convention in Toronto, NTA announced its participation in Code Amber, the World Wide Web’s Amber Alert System that assists in the search and safe return of missing and abducted children.

"On many occasions, children and their abductors are found at hotels or on the road, which means that NTA members could play a role in the safe return of a child," Ann Thomas, CTP, NTA Chairman said. "Together we can make a difference."

NTA members can be alerted by the Code Amber Ticker, or by banners and buttons on their Web site or desktop, or they may receive e-mail Amber Alerts when an alert is issued. Most recently, Code Amber Alerts became available to cell phones, pagers or PDAs. To receive Amber Alerts, visit

Code Amber founder and president, Bryant Harper, stresses the importance of being aware. "The NTA, with all their locations, and vehicles on the road at any given time, indeed strengthens the Amber Alert in North America. Any time we can add thousands of pairs of eyes to the system, we significantly increase the odds of quickly locating an abducted child."

If you would like assistance in signing up to receive Code Amber Alerts, please contact Sara Morton, NTA’s public relations specialist at

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