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NTA Insurance Information Regarding Iceland Volcano Ash Coverage

May 19, 2010


The volcanic eruption in Iceland has had and may continue to have an impact on travel for many NTA Tour Operator clients.

The NTA Travel Protection Plan provides Trip Cancellation coverage due to weather if it causes a complete cessation of a common carrier’s services for at least 48 consecutive hours.  In addition, the Travel Delay benefit includes reimbursement (up to US$500 per person) if your client is delayed for 12 hours or more due to a natural disaster.

The insurer for the NTA Travel Protection plan considers the ash cloud resulting from the volcano as both a weather event and a natural disaster. 

Therefore, those travelers who purchased the NTA TPP plan on or before to April 14, 2010, and on or after May 5, 2010, would have coverage (as per the terms and conditions of the plan purchased) with regard to this or similar events.

Please note there is no coverage for the specific volcanic ash cloud events if your clients purchased the NTA TPP on or between the start and end dates noted below. Coverage would again become available for policies purchased on or after the end date.

  • Event 4 – Start May 16, End (TBD)
  • Event 3 – Start May 8, End May 14
  • Event 2 – Start May 3, 7 a.m., End May 3, 1 p.m.
  • Event 1 – Start April 14, End April 22

Once an ash cloud dissipates, and travel schedules resume to normal, new policies can afford coverage if a new ash cloud event interferes with airspace, and causes delays or cancellations (provided all requirements of the policy are met).

If there are future volcanic eruptions, coverage would apply, unless the Plan is purchased after the future event takes place for travel that is scheduled to take place during that event.

Should you or clients have any questions regarding the Iceland volcano and the NTA Travel Protection plan, please feel free to contact 1.800.388.1470.

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