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New Jersey Budget Issue Forces Closures

July 5, 2006

New Jersey Budget Issue Forces Closures
July 5, 2006 – New Jersey’s 12 casinos, 42 parks and numerous beaches have begun closing after no budget agreement was reached during the emergency July 4 session of the state legislature. The state lottery also has been shut down and road construction work has been halted. Although essential workers, including state police and child welfare employees, have been kept on the job but are working without pay for the time being, more than 40,000 state workers are at home today

Tour operators who have groups in areas such as Atlantic City will be affected. While a majority of the attractions – museums, restaurants, shops, theaters and amusement parks – remain open, traditionally popular spots like casinos, parks and beaches, are closed. For more information on the status of things in Atlantic City, call 866.ACVISIT or go to

Governor Jon Corzine ordered lawmakers into special session yesterday despite the holiday, but they were unable to agree on a compromise budget. Committee members worked through the night and the governor plans to address lawmakers again today hoping to spur some movement. New Jersey lawmakers missed the July 1 deadline for coming up with a new budget, and without an agreement, the state can’t spend money.

The casinos’ hotels and their amenities, including restaurants, shopping, showrooms and nightclubs, remain open because they don’t require state involvement in their day-to-day operations. But, no gambling will be allowed because the state casino inspectors, who keep tabs on the money, are off the job until lawmakers approve the budget.

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