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Letter from NTA President

March 12, 2008

Letter from NTA President
March 12, 2008 – On Tuesday, March 11, NTA distributed an e-mail to prospective NTA members comparing and contrasting the opportunities at the NTA Convention and the ABA Marketplace. Unfortunately the content of the promotion was misinterpreted as ABA has distributed a news release calling for an apology. We do apologize to our friends at ABA. It was not NTA’s intent to disparage an industry partner and in hindsight we could have illustrated the benefits of attending NTA’s Convention without a direct comparison.

We intended to highlight the advantages of being an NTA member and attending the NTA Convention, and we used comparisons that could be viewed as inaccurate.

We continue to be a strong partner with ABA. We have passed our apologies on to our friends at ABA and offer the same to you for any misunderstanding this may have created.

In looking at the big picture, what’s important to remember is that NTA and ABA have collaborated on initiatives important to the industry in the government relations arena and other opportunities to bring the industry together. We expect that to continue. NTA is absolutely committed to industry collaboration and unity for a stronger travel industry.


Lisa Simon, CTP

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