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Leading Economist Shares Travel Insights With NTA Council

August 28, 2003

Leading Economist Shares Travel Insights With NTA Council
Delos Smith, a leading economist with The Conference Board, joined the NTA’s Strategic Development Council for its August STAR Conference Call Thursday. Smith, who has a great deal of knowledge of the travel industry, is exceptional at putting global economic indicators into terms that anyone can understand. He can also share with businesses, both large and small, how these numbers can affect their day-to-day operation.

Smith will be a featured speaker at the 2004 Tour Operator Spring Meet in Little Rock, Ark., and would love to hear from any tour operator who wishes to discuss the current economy, their tour products and what the future holds. You can visit The Conference Board’s Web site at or e-mail Delos with your questions, insights, etc. at Be certain to let him know that you’re an NTA tour operator.

The SDC will also be discussing their insights from this discussion on the new SDC STAR Call forum topic on NTA Online. Please join them in discussing the economy and how it is affecting your business.

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