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Information on E-mail Virus

January 28, 2004

Information on E-mail Virus
January 28, 2004 – W32/Mydoom@MM is a HIGH-OUTBREAK mass-mailing worm flooding e-mail servers worldwide. NTA’s system is fully protected from these types of attacks. Below is information that will help you better understand the nature of this virus.

If you receive an infected e-mail the FROM address is not indicative of the actual sender. The FROM field is "SPOOFED" from various sources and basically "lies" to you in hopes you will open the e-mail because it is from someone you know. If you actually received an infected e-mail then your system is not protected. The address is "spoofed" so it is not actually coming from NTA’s e-mail server (for example), it is coming from your own address book and accounts previously e-mailed.

If you receive one of these e-mails, immediately delete and remove it from your deleted folder and then double check you own anti-virus protection immediately.

More detailed information is posted on the NTA Online member forums.

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