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Hurricane Causes Hundreds of Flight Cancellations

September 18, 2003

Hurricane Causes Hundreds of Flight Cancellations
Hurricane Isabel is causing trouble both on land and in the air. U.S. airlines already have canceled more than 850 flights through Friday, according to, and the airlines are waiving rebooking fees and restrictions for travelers scrambling to stay out of the storm’s path.

The eye of Hurricane Isabel moved onto North Carolina’s Outer Banks, just south of Ocracoke Island shortly after noon today. But the storm’s effects on air travel are being felt across of the North America. reported US Airways had already canceled more than 400 flights along the East Coast, with at least 100 more cut by Continental Airlines. By 4 p.m. ET, most operations will be suspended at all three Washington, D.C.-area airports. Flights have also been suspended much of the day at most airports in the east Carolinas and southeast Virginia including – Raleigh/Durham, N.C.; Newport News, Va.; Norfolk, Va.; Richmond, Va.; and Wilmington, N.C. – and are not likely to resume until Friday late morning, at the earliest.

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