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How to Manage the Risk of Cyber Storage

February 2, 2011

How to Manage the Risk of Cyber Storage  

Jeremy Ong at Convention 10Most companies have important and sensitive data stored electronically but have no idea how to protect it and manage the risk. Do you know all you need to know? Jeremy Ong, Division VP for Technology and Cyber Risk Insurance at Great American Insurance, will present a Webinar, Managing Your Cyber and Data Risk, for NTA members on Tuesday, Feb. 22, at 2 p.m. ET.

During this hourlong session, Ong will help you understand data breach statistics and trends, applicable regulatory laws, the financial impact of a data break and how to manage your cyber and data risk. Wondering if this session is worth your investment? Here’s what a few of your colleagues had to say after hearing Ong’s session in Montreal:

"What a wake-up call! I’ll take the valuable info back to my office to share with the owner. This session should be mandatory! Excellent seminar!"

"Worth the time! Very important topic."

"New and cutting-edge topic that should be addressed."

To participate in the Webinar, complete this registration form and fax it to NTA by Friday, Feb. 18, to secure your company’s spot. The cost is US$25 (payable by credit card). If you have questions about the Webinar, please e-mail Lisa Thompson, NTA’s director of research and education.

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