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How to Get a Story in Courier

October 3, 2011

Did you know …

  • All the destination information featured in Courier stories comes from NTA members?
  • Courier has a circulation of 6,000?
  • NTA tour operators consistently rank Courier as the No.1-valued trade publication, above all other industry publications?

If you want your destination included in a future Courier story, simply get in touch the Courier staff (Penny Whitman, Doug Rentz, and Pat Henderson) and let them know what’s going on with you. Don’t be shy! Propose a story idea, share your news or relate memorable moments from the road. Courier is your magazine and your fellow members want to know about you!

You can contribute to Courier in several ways.

One is to check out the Courier editorial calendar. This is a month-by-month overview of the story topics and regional destinations scheduled to be covered in 2012. See a topic that might be a good fit for your destination or property? Contact the Courier staff. Example: Is your destination involved with casinos and gaming? The February issue will include a feature on that topic.

Don’t miss the deadline dates listed under the "Editorial" column. The Courier staff generally works about two months ahead. (As you’re reading this in September, they are working on the November issue.) Be sure you submit your ideas in plenty of time.

Feel strongly about an industry issue or want to share a best practice? The Business section of Courier is where you can do that. Want to communicate a business strategy or profile your unique experiences? AfterWords is ideal for that. And Where in the World Is Courier? features members on the road. (See page 4 of the April ’11 issue for a great photograph of Jorge Cazenave leading a horseback riding tour in Argentina.) You could be the next featured member.

Your contributions are always welcome. And, don’t be intimidated if you’re not a writer; Penny, Doug and Pat can help.

You can e-mail Penny Whitman, editor in chief of Courier or call +1.859.264.6562. Press releases may also be e-mailed.

Advertising is always available in Courier, too. To advertise, e-mail the advertising department or call +1.859.264.6559.

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