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August 29, 2012

The U.S. Gulf Coast is readying for the arrival of Hurricane Isaac, with potential damage to coastal and inland areas from storm surge, wind and rain in the coming days. To see which areas are affected, check on transportation routes, or get the latest travel advisories, consult these online resources:


Check flight delay information here for Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas airports, and here for Mississippi, Alabama and Florida airports.

And as always, yoGulfport surfu can post updates or ask questions for other members on the NTA Facebook page. Even if your site is not in the path of Isaac, you can share information. For example, the Visit Tallahassee Web site provides current lodging inventory, rates and others details (pet-friendly lodging, handicapped-accessible rooms, etc.) for travelers and residents affected by Isaac. Gary Stagner of Visit Tallahassee said his organization is posting the most current information for the benefit of those forced to evacuate.

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