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Fiery Crash Disrupts Traffic in N.Y. – Boston Area

March 26, 2004

Fiery Crash Disrupts Traffic in N.Y. – Boston Area
A fuel oil tanker carrying 9,000 gallons of oil crashed and exploded Thursday night in Bridgeport, Conn. Part of the Northeast Bridge melted, closing a mile-long stretch of I-95 between exits 25 and 27. Nearly 120,000 vehicles travel this interstate every day. Officials expect repairs will take up to 12 to 14 days.

"We’re going to be feeling a ripple effect from this all around the state," said Michael Riley, executive director of the Motor Transport Association of Connecticut. He said that truckers "will have to adjust their loads and schedules to get around this and I don’t know how they are going to do it."

Friday, Governor John G. Rowland said he would declare a state of emergency in order to get federal funding to cover the project.

Traffic is currently being diverted onto local roads in Bridgeport. NTA member Jim Whitney of the Northwest Connecticut CVB advised those trying to get into Connecticut should take 684-N to Brewster, N.Y. This will allow drivers to connect to 84 and then to 91 where drivers will have some options. Whitney warned that 84 is where most of the traffic is being re-routed so be prepared for delays.

"Things are going a lot better than I thought at this point", said Whitney.

For additional information, please contact the Northwest Connecticut CVB at 888-588-7880.

NTA member Ellen Johnson with the Southeastern Connecticut CVB has provided NTA will additional traffic information for those affected by the oil tanker crash on Thursday.

The I-95 Detour for Northbound:

  • Exit 25, Left on Commerce Dr.
  • Make left on State Street
  • Right on Lafayette Blvd. To I-95

    The I-95 Detour for Southbound:

  • Exit 27A to Route 8/25
  • Cars: Edit 7 to Merritt
  • Trucks: Route 8 to I-84

    State police have asked commercial traffic from neighboring states to use I-84 or avoid Connecticut completely. The Merritt Parkway was named as an alternate route, but officials said there are no plans to lift the ban on commercial traffic on that road.

    NTA members: If you need assistance contacting affected areas or those traveling to those areas, contact NTA Headquarters at 800-682-8886 (US & Canada) or 859-226-4444.

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