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FCC Rule Against Mass Faxes is Delayed

August 19, 2003

FCC Rule Against Mass Faxes is Delayed
In a move NTA fought for just last week, federal regulators announced plans Monday to delay a ruling against sending mass faxes until Jan. 1, 2005.

According to a report on, the delay came in response to complaints from a variety of business groups, from NTA to ASAE. Postponing the rule will allow organizations more time to comply and give the FCC the option to consider objections and possible rule revisions.

NTA joined in a group of organizations known as the Business Users Coalition (BUC) in an attempt to foil the ruling before its Aug. 25, 2003 effective date. In a letter to the FCC secretary, NTA President Hank Phillips, CTP, said, "obtaining prior written consent for fax communication with our own members is ludicrous. Simple logic dictates that membership in a trade association necessitates communication regarding meetings, conventions, governmental issues of immediate importance, and marketing opportunities. Indeed, our members join to obtain such information."

FCC officials made the rule change in order to comply with a 1991 law that does not let fax marketers contact customers without written permission. For more on the story, visit

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