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FAA Says Flights Returning to Normal

August 27, 2008

FAA Says Flights Returning to Normal
Aug. 27, 2008 – The Federal Aviation Administration is reporting that flights around the country are returning to normal this morning after a computer glitch caused mass flight delays yesterday. Some delays are still being reported in Atlanta and Chicago.

The problem involved a failure in a communication link that transmits flight plan data from FAA’s Georgia facility to a facility in Salt Lake City. The FAA said the delays were primarily affecting departing flights.

"We have our engineers looking at it and we’re doing a complete investigation," FAA spokeswoman Diane Spitaliere said.

The FAA says they do not know exactly how many flights were affected, but it was in the hundreds.

The Washington Post reports that Sen. John McCain, the Republican presidential candidate, said the episode "once again highlights the need to reform and repair a broken system."

Sen. Barack Obama, said "airline passengers are sick and tired of delays and cancellations."

FAA is advising travelers to check their flights in advance. For more information, visit

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