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FAA Revises Rules for Long Flights

January 9, 2007

FAA Revises Rules for Long Flights
Jan. 9, 2007 – According to USA Today, federal aviation regulators will require jets that fly for hours over oceans or polar regions with no airports to have a plan to take care of passengers and extinguish cargo fires in the event of an emergency.

Federal Aviation Administration regulation announced Monday includes rules allowing long-range jets to fly virtually any route in the world. Jets flying these routes must have the ability to extinguish cargo fires for as long as it takes to reach a diversion airport. In addition, airlines must have a plan to take care of passengers if a jet has to land at a remote airport. The rule also adds heightened maintenance standards at airlines flying long routes on jets with two engines.

According to the article, the frequency of long-range flights has grown more than fourfold since 1984. Last year, airlines scheduled nearly 16,000 flights a week that exceeded 3,000 miles.

"This is an extremely important new rule that will open up safe flights all around the world," FAA Administrator Marion Blakey said.

The rule will take effect in 30 days.

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