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Dot-travel Authentication Now Available to NTA Members

July 1, 2005

Dot-travel Authentication Now Available to NTA Members
July 1, 2005 – The .travel domain name authentication is now available to National Tour Association members on NTA Online. Members wishing to purchase a .travel domain name are now able to access the online pre-authentication form, which is the first step in the process. This form will be available through Aug. 26 for members who want to be among the first to register a .travel domain.

Unlike other top-level domain names like .com or .net, .travel domains will only be available to travel companies and organizations who can prove they are true members of the travel industry. The goal is to increase consumer confidence in purchasing travel online as the consumer will know an organization with a .travel domain name has been authenticated by a reputable source.

On the .travel online authentication form, you will enter your contact information as well as the .travel names you wish to establish your right to. Please remember that for every name you wish to register, NTA must have paperwork on file to backup your claim to the name. This paperwork can be in the form of a business license, brochure, promotional piece, current Web site address, etc. You may fax this information to us at 859-226-4414 to facilitate approval.

Please note that authentication (establishing your right to a name) is just the first step in the process. You will still have to register and purchase your .travel name. Registration opens on Sept. 1 only for those members who authenticate between July 1 and Aug. 26.

If you would like more information about .travel, please click on the .travel link under "What’s New" or contact us at

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