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Don’t Forget to Check Your Direct Requests

October 22, 2007

Don’t Forget to Check Your Direct Requests
Oct. 22, 2007 – Last year, 1,986 Tour & Travel Exchange appointments were added using the Direct Request feature. If you would like to add business appointments to your Convention Exchange schedule, check out Direct Request to set up an appointment with another delegate. It’s easy.

Make additional requests can be made by clicking on the "Direct Request Appointments" button in the appointment request system. There will be four sections on your screen to help you keep up with your additional requests:

"Receive E-mail Notices" allows you to choose what e-mail address you want request updates sent to. After you enter/update your e-mail address at the top of the screen, you will receive an e-mail to that address each time someone requests an appointment with you or when your pending requests are accepted or declined. This new feature was based on member feedback from last year.

"My Requests" provides a summary of any requests that you have made to meet with other attendees.

"Supplier/DMOs/Tour Operators Requesting Appointments" provides a summary of the requests that other delegates have sent to you. Check back regularly to accept or decline new requests.

"Open Appointment Times" is a complete list of the open times in your schedule. By clicking on a specific time in the "Open Appointment Times" section, tour operators can see the list of DMOs and tour suppliers who also are available at that time and vice versa.

If the meeting request you send through the Web site is accepted, the appointment will be added to both appointment schedules. Check back often to review the status of your requests and updated schedule.

If you have questions, contact your Member Services Team at 800.682.8886 (U.S. and Canada) or 859.226.4444.

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