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CTP Reminder for Current Enrollees

December 5, 2007

CTP Reminder for Current Enrollees
Dec. 5, 2007- If you are currently enrolled in the old CTP program and have not completed the program, please remember that you have until Dec. 31, 2007, to complete the curriculum in its current form.

Those currently enrolled in the program can finalize all the necessary steps to complete the CTP program as it currently stands and graduate in 2007. Current enrollees have until Dec. 31 to complete the curriculum.

If you would like to move into the new Temple program, you will receive the necessary information and study guides in January 2008 and will be invoiced a rollover fee of $75. There would be no other fees associated with the program and, upon payment, you will be enrolled in the new CTP program with Temple.

You also have the option of discontinuing your efforts toward a certification.

For more information on either the new or existing CTP program, or if you would like an update on your CTP status, please contact NTA Marketing and Communications Administrative Assistant Andrea Richardson.

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